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What is The Bus Test? It’s the best litmus test of your effectiveness as a leader… Doesn’t involve an acronym. […]
Here’s an example of a website intro video built for one of my clients. It applies Clear Concise Communication (C3) […]
You’ve heard me say that ABC (Always Be Closing) is a core important part of being a consistency effective sales […]
SBL #11 is about adaptation. If you operate in a saturated market, then differentiation becomes just as critical as a […]
First off – today I’m going to break my self-imposed rule to keep my videos below two minutes. Why? Cuz […]
Sometimes a life lesson, in this case SBL Principle #4, rears is not-so-ugly head outside of the “work.” Here’s how […]
Hey, I’m going to go on a rant here (yes again). The vast majority of the resumes I review…  Suck. […]
Last time I gave you five important questions to ask your sales team. Now it’s time for five questions you […]
If you are a sales leader… If you are a sales representative… These are the five questions that you want […]
If you are a small local business owner – is it really important to have a brand identity? You have […]