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At Chris Gigliotti Consulting, we recognize that every business has its own unique narrative. That’s why we offer more than just solutions; we create personalized strategies. Dedicated to providing your business with bespoke marketing, sales, and business development strategies, we craft each plan to align with your specific goals, challenges, and ambitions.

Bespoke Solutions for Real Impact

Envision a business growth strategy, designed exclusively for you

Whether your focus is on refining your brand, enhancing your sales tactics, or reinventing your approach to business development, our expertise is at your service. Chris Gigliotti’s personalized methodology guarantees that your business receives dedicated attention and specialized solutions.


a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach

  • Brand Realignment: Reframe and refresh your brand to better connect with your audience.
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Reach and engage your audience effectively, wherever they may be.
  • Website Design and Optimization: Create an online presence that captivates and converts visitors into customers.
  • Sales Enablement and Training: Equip your team with the tools and skills needed for sales excellence.
  • Team Building: Develop a unified, high-performing team ready for any challenge.
  • Leadership Coaching: Enhance your leadership skills to guide your business towards success.
  • CRM Integration: Optimize your customer relationship management for peak efficiency.
  • New Product Launch: Launch with confidence and make a significant impact in the market.

Meet Your Fractional Marketing & Sales VP

Chris Gigliotti is a dedicated student of the Art of Leadership, which he applies to his marketing and sales consulting practice. After graduating from college, he served as a United States Marine Officer, handling various roles such as Financial Management, Military Police, and Antiterrorism operations globally. While in the Marine Corps, Chris pursued further leadership studies, earning a Master’s Degree in Management with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. He consistently excelled in his service schools, earning numerous awards and commendations.

For the past 19 years, Chris has thrived in sales, sales management, marketing, and business development, consistently achieving top performance and President’s Club sales awards. Some of the companies he has worked for include Merck and Company, Align Technology (maker of Invisalign®), and Intuitive Surgical (maker of the DaVinci™ surgical robot).  He has a proven track record of driving organizational change and generating substantial revenue growth.

After relocating to Northwest Florida in 2014, Chris enjoys hunting, motorcycle riding, and giving back to the community as a member of the Knights of Columbus. Chris has recently returned to leading troops as a Civil Affairs Officer and a Company Commander in the 436TH Civil Affairs Battalion in the US Army Reserve.

Great results =
great Testimonials

Chris Gigliotti’s rebranding magic boosted my business significantly, enhancing our online presence and attracting more clients.

His strategic approach led to a surge in new business and improved customer retention.

Highly recommend for any business aiming for growth!

Dr Geoffrey Hall

CAPS: Complete Aligner Planning Service

Chris transformed our business with a full rebrand, a new CRM platform, and targeted sales training.

His strategic insights led to increased growth in our key markets and enhanced customer retention.

A true game-changer for any business aiming for the next level of success!

Sheldon Krancher

Clear Forward

Chris was key to our successful launch of a unique business venture.

With his expertise in web design, CRM integration, and social media campaigns, he developed a marketing funnel that significantly increased our leads and customers.

He’s been great to work with, and I highly recommend his services.

Dr Jesse Green

Clear Aligner Excellence

Chris is an innovative and and encouraging leader.

He is able to take the complex, as well as simple strategies and successfully implement them in a competitive market.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and appreciate his leadership.

Lain Gay

Karl Schumacher

The BEST on-board training!

From the beginning, I knew that I was working with a professional who paid attention to details.

During my on-boarding with Chris, I was given everything I needed to become successful.

Because of his attention to details and his leadership, I was able to quickly put sales numbers on the board.

Terry Rainbow

Karl Schumacher

I cannot thank you enough for your time – Your efforts of teamwork and cross-pollination is far above anything I have seen.

You are a true asset to this organization-

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Jim Zarzour

Align Technology

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2) Offering advice and immediate recommendations.

3) Outlining additional strategies we can implement to solve your challenges and grow your business.

Rants & Reflections

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