Small Business Leadership (SBL) Principle #3 is:

“ A good plan, executed now, is always better than a perfect plan executed later.”

This SBL Principle is based on the famous quote from General Patton.  

It does a lovely job of wrapping up the idea of Occam’s Razor, the KISS principle, and the Pareto Principle into one tidy package of wisdom.

One of the most common reasons a business fails to grow is because fundamentally, they are spending far too much time and effort getting a plan from good enough (about 80%) to as close to perfect as possible.

You’re going to have to modify your plan once you put into action anyways (see: SBL Principle #4), & momentum has a power all its own.

So when your product launch marketing plan or annual sales strategy is 80% complete, then launch that sucker, and move onto the next project!