The idea that you can earn sales without “selling” isn’t new, but it’s a crucial insight into consultative selling.

How do you close deals without making clients feel sold to and yourself feeling like a salesperson? It’s simple: focus on two key principles.

First, redefine what “selling” means. At its core, selling is the art of influencing someone to make a choice they wouldn’t normally make. Essentially, selling is guiding people to the decision you believe will benefit them most.

Second, make the process entirely about your customer. When you do this, it no longer feels like “selling” to either party.

This approach is captured by the Chris Gigliotti Sales University Rule #1: It’s not about you.

The sooner you embrace this mindset, the easier it becomes to focus on what truly matters – building a rapport based on a genuine desire to serve your customer by:

  1. Helping them identify their challenge/need/pain point.
  2. Offering a solution that addresses what you’ve identified together.
  3. Leading them to the next steps in the process.

When you understand that it’s not about you, selling transforms into partnering, serving, and leading. That’s when you know you’re on the right track.