There is Opportunity Found in Every Crisis
A crisis is defined as a turning point, a time of upheaval, and also a time of instability.   However, […]
Take a break from worrying about what you can’t control. Even better, maybe never worry about what’s outside your sphere […]
It’s time for the Tuesday Twofer –  Two nuggets that popped into my little brain housing group while working out […]
Silence is a lie when you have something to say
If silence is consent… Then silence when you have something to say is a lie.  So go have that hard […]
You have to ask this question for every sales call you or your team executes on. This is a non-negotiable […]
Scott Adams talks about how goals are for losers in his book How To Fail At Everything And Still Win […]
Here’s a great quote from a man who might know a little about hard work. 
Losing market share? Losing share of voice? Worn out because you’re forever reacting to what your completion is doing? Your […]