Here’s three ways to find out!
One of the most common mistakes I see small business owners make is to set a goal, create a plan, […]
In the Adoption Continuum, The Early Majority are the first big group after Early Adopters and are known a Pragmatists […]
The Little Things can seem trivial because the are so… Basic. Don’t be deceived. Remember that “Goals are for losers […]
When you enter the arena of ideas, the slings and arrows will come hard and fast. When you compete in […]
You practice how you want to perform because you will perform how you practice.   For that reason, if your […]
There are about 30 different books I’m incorporating into the upcoming CGC Sales University. Of all of those books, here […]
Consider the age-old concept of the Five W’s: Who – What – When – Where – Why  Even though Why […]
If goals are for losers and winners have systems, here’s the Chris Gigliotti Consulting (CGC) Sales Process that I use […]